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Nikah ceremonies at Cheadle Masjid

Allah (Ta’ala) says in Surah Ar-Rum:

“And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.” (Quran 30:21)


Cheadle Masjid has been conducting Nikah ceremonies since its inception in 2003. We at the Masjid are honoured to facilitate this blessed of union of two souls. Nikah ceremonies can be conducted on site at the Masjid or our Imam can conduct the Nikah at a venue of your choice.

Civil Registrations

Cheadle Masjid is also a registered centre authorised for the solemnisation of Civil Marriages. This enables couples to complete both the Nikah and Civil ceremony at the same time.

To enable the Cheadle Masjid to solemnise your Civil Marriage your civil, you are required to obtain the necessary paper work from your local registry office. The process in itself is simple, both partners should contact their local registry office and inform them of your intention to marry. An appointment will be made during which key questions will be asked. After a four week period where the “notice of intention to marry” has been completed you will be issued with the appropriate documentation.

Unfortunately, this is not a process we can complete for you. If you would like more information on booking a civil marriage, please contact your local registrar’s office or our registrar, Br Zarif on 07775840843.
Please note that there is a minimum 4 week notice period required for conducting a Civil Marriage with the Nikah.


Our fees associated with carrying out a nikah range from £200 to £300 subject to venue.

Please see our venue feels below:

Venue Fee
CMA Nikah only (main hall) £200
CMA Nikah & Civil (main hall) £250
CMA Nikah only (small room (6 people) £150
CMA Nikah & Civil (small room 6 people) £200
Al Maidah £250
Al Manzil £250
British Muslim Heritage Centre £200
Eastern Pearl £200
Excellency Centre Bolton £300
Manchester Airport Hotels £200
Manchester City CTR hotels £250
Mere Golf Club £300
Midland Hotel £250
Nawab Levenshulme £200
Sanam Restaurant £200
Sheridan Suites £250
Stockport Town Hall £200
Tatton Park £300
Thornton Manor £300
Usmania Banqueting Hall £250
Vermillion £250

If you would like to book a nikah please ensure you are giving at least two weeks notice and please complete the form below.

If you still have any specific questions about your Nikah booking please email [email protected]

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