Masjid Visits

We always welcome visitors to the Cheadle Masjid. Our visitors include schools, community members and organisations to our Masjid.

School visits and local school engagement

Cheadle Masjid works closely with local primary and secondary schools. Over the past years, pre-covid, more than thirty schools visit our Masjd bringing more than 1,100 children learning about the practical aspects of a Muslim’s life and gaining a better understanding of our faith. The sessions are all practical based activities combining presentations, dressing up, craft activity and features of the Mosque. We welcome feedback from children, teachers and parents to help us improve our activities, particularly from teachers; was it useful in helping them deliver the topic, from parents; do they have a better understanding of Islam and the Masjid, and most importantly from the children; did they have fun?

Communities and Organisations

Cheadle Masjid also works closely with organisations such as Greater Manchester police. We are regularly visited by new officers who are in training. We feel it is increasingly important that we provide a deeper understanding of our faith and its teachings.

Arranging a visit

If you would like to arrange a visit to Cheadle Masjid, please select a date when you would like to visit and complete and submit the form below. We have not have a set charge and always welcome and value voluntary contributions. You may email us at [email protected] for any inquiries.


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