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To produce a generation of Muslims who have a balanced and contextualised understanding of Islam, Muslims who are not only God conscious, but also productive and contributive citizens of British society thereby leading purpose-driven lives in a way that promotes peace, harmony, tolerance and justice.


The Cheadle Masjid Weekend Islamic School has been running for many years now; Its aim is to help provide a basis of Islamic education for our children aged 5 – 11 years. It will supplement the Islamic Education you provide at home, of course it cannot be a whole substitute, the culture is Islamic Practice can only be developed by developing an Islamic environment at home.

Subjects and Curriculum

Children will learn Insha’Allah how to recite the Qur’an with correct Tajweed and with some basic understanding. The CMA Weekday Supplementary School currently utilises the Safar Academy curriculum for Islamic studies.

The curriculum has been designed and developed by a number of highly qualified academics from across the globe and has been tested in numerous schools, with excellent feedback. The syllabus is in English and Arabic and covers a variety of subjects for every level of learning, in conformity with up–to-date pedagogical and psychological research.

In addition to the Safar Academy syllabus the school utilises the Ilm 2 Amal curriculum designed by 1st Ethical Trust which focuses on social responsibility. For the Quran session, we base our lessons on the Quran4Kids syllabus which provides a new approach to teaching Quran. The syllabus comes with an Ebook and Apps which enhance the learning experience for our children.

Holistic Approach

We aim to provide a holistic education which not only focuses on the transmission of knowledge but also focuses on the spiritual and emotional development of the child. Our key focus is on tarbiyah, we seek to cultivate and facilitate the spiritual growth of our children. In addition to this we seek to develop an understanding within our children of the social and communal responsibility of every Muslim. By sponsoring orphans and feeding the homeless our children will develop positive values and an understanding of the need to support the destitute and help the less fortunate. Visits to cathedrals, fire stations, the courts etc will provide children with the understanding of how different institutions operate within our society.

Teaching Methodology

Teachers are provided with the Safar academy and Quran4Kids textbooks and will primarily base their lessons on the respective texts. However, the textbooks are a guide and teachers will ensure a variety of resources are used in their lessons. Each teacher will produce a scheme of work detailing what they will cover over a 6 week period. Teachers will also produce lesson plans on a week by week basis. In order to make lessons as engaging and interactive as possible teachers will receive training on how to use Apple technology and will be encouraged to incorporate multimedia in their schemes of work/lesson plans. Our teachers are committed to providing quality education which engages students through activity based and fun lessons.

Term Dates

The 2022/2023 dates are as follows:

TERMS School Starts School Ends
Autumn Term Monday 12th September 2022 Saturday 22nd October 2022
Half term holiday
Monday 31st October 2022 Wednesday 21st December 2022
Spring Term Monday 9th January 2023 Saturday 18th February 2023
Half term holiday
Monday 27th February 2023 Saturday 1st April 2023
Summer Term Monday 24th April 2023 Saturday 27th May 2023
Half term holiday
Monday 12th June 2023 Saturday 22nd July 2023

School days for each year are listed below

Year School days
Year 1 Tuesday, Friday & Saturday
Year 2 Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Year 3 Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Year 4 Tuesday, Friday & Saturday
Year 5 Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Year 6 Tuesday, Friday & Saturday



Fees are very reasonable and we have a discount system for multiple children of the same immediate family.

The school fees for 2022/2023 are as follows.

Year 15% Advance

(includes £15 for books)

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term Total Fees
Year 1 £99.00 £158.67 £158.67 £158.67 £575.00
Year 2 £57.15 £79.62 £79.62 £79.62 £296.00
Year 3 £57.15 £79.62 £79.62 £79.62 £296.00
Year 4 £99.00 £158.67 £158.67 £158.67 £575.00
Year 5 £99.00 £158.67 £158.67 £158.67 £575.00
Year 6 £99.00 £158.67 £158.67 £158.67 £575.00

If you have not received your invoice please email [email protected] including your child’s name and year group in order to locate missing invoices.

We would love your children to attend the Cheadle Masjid Weekday Islamic School, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.
For more information, please email [email protected]

Applications Update

The school is not accepting any further applications at this time.

Parents who have been allocated a place have been contacted.

If you have not paid an outstanding invoice – please pay this immediately to ensure you place is not allocated to another child.


We will re-open a waiting list at the start of December and again in April in the event places become available.


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