The Need


Over 1,400 years ago, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) established a new home for believers in the city of Medina. At its heart he built a Masjid to be the focal point for the Muslim community where they could gather to worship Allah (SWT) and learn. This tradition continues today with communities establishing safe places to congregate, pray, seek support and learn.

At Cheadle Masjid we place an emphasis on the Masjid being an all-encompassing community centre, providing a place for prayer, education and a centre for the community to come together. Our activities are increasing and we need your continued support to enable us to grow.


By the Grace of Allah SWT, our activities continue to increase. However, this places a strain on our existing infrastructure which cannot accommodate everyone and everything we do.

Some of the key areas this impacts:
– limited capacity for our supplementary school;
– space limitations for both women and men;
– our ability to develop stronger links with the wider community through a multi-functional space;
– lack of important community facilities such as ghusl facilities for the deceased.


The new venue will mean we can hold more events, run additional projects and give even more of our congregation the opportunity to volunteer and carry out good work.

By enabling our youth to learn more about their faith, we will be building the foundations for a stronger future by inspiring the next generation to become leaders of tomorrow.

Our vision for the new Masjid is:
– build a multi-purpose centre for all;
– provide an inspiration for our future generations;
– Promote greater community cohesion;
– create a modern centre for families and social activities;
– provide better facilities for ladies and our youth.


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