Past Events

24 March 2022

Ramadan – the Month of the Quran 2022

A practical guide on how we can connect with the Quran this Ramadan.
24 March 2022

CMA Boys Youth Club – 15-18

Friday night chill at the masjid for boys 15-18. This is our final event before Ramadan.
24 March 2022

Healthy Eating in Ramadan

Hints and tips to support your health in Ramadan. All welcome and healthy refreshments will be provided inshallah.
27 March 2022

Ramadan Dawrah & Recitations for Sisters

Sisters online study of the Quran in English   This is delivered via a zoom meeting. Meeting ID: 123467890 / Passcode: 987654
27 March 2022

Sisters Dawrah-E-Quran

A study of selected suras from the glorious Quran in Urdu for sisters only.
27 March 2022

Holiday Club – Ramadan 2022

CMA’s Ramadan 2022 holiday club for children 6-11 years of age.
5 April 2022

Calligraphy & Henna Workshop Ramadan 2022

A calligraphy and henna workshop for sisters between 12-18 years of age.   Tickets available via eventbrite.  
5 April 2022

Brothers Iftar – 6th April 2022

This session is for brothers between the ages of 12 and 14. WE WILL PRAY ASR JAMAAT TOGETHER AFTER WHICH THERE WILL BE A REMINDER FOLLOWED […]
5 April 2022

In the shade of Ramadan 2022-1

SATURDAY NIGHT FAMILY TALK & IFTARS The Story of a Woman from Bani Isra’il. Please RSVP on eventbrite for this event.


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