A Message From The Board

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Cheadle Masjid is a special place, made even more so by our generous and supportive community, both those who live locally and also those who come from further afield to partake in the Masjid’s wide range of activities and events.

The Masjid’s success has meant we are redeveloping our facilities, not only so we can pray under one roof, but also to further expand the services we offer to our sisters and the youth and to enable us to welcome, support and guide more people.

The generosity of our community has been embodied through how they have reacted to the redevelopment of the site, as following the official launch of the fundraising campaign for the new Masjid in May 2018 – in under two years, £3.1 million has been raised (2021) – Alhamdulillah.

A handful of fundraising activites include our children going on sponsored walks, selling cakes and washing cars, cycle rides to Blackpool and Paris and climbing mountains.

There are many more fundraising activities planned in 2021 as we seek to raise the remaining £1.9 million required to reach the target of £5.0 million. May Allah SWT give us success in our endeavours (Ameen).

As always, we give our thanks to Allah SWT, whose blessings and favour are the reasons for our successes; may he forgive our shortcomings, and grant us even more blessings and success in the future in serving the Cheadle community and beyond.

Cheadle Masjid Board of Trustees


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

By the grace of Allah (swt) Cheadle Masjid has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2003. At Cheadle Masjid we very much strive to emulate the Prophetic model of providing a space that caters for the spiritual, educational and social needs of every individual. We have both been inspired by the community’s faith in us, which has allowed us to develop and deliver an increasing number of services at the Masjid and beyond.

The Muslim community in the UK face a plethora of challenges, we believe it is the duty of the masjid to be at the forefront in providing direction, guidance, and solutions to the myriad of issues we currently face. In the coming pages, you will learn about some of the cutting edge youth, outreach, community and educational activities we offer.

A large part of what we do is dependent on having the right facilities to be able to cater for our congregation, whether that means a dedicated area for sisters, state of the art classrooms for our children, or washing and shrouding facilities to fulfil the rights of our deceased. The current site offers none of the aforementioned facilities and is clearly no longer fit for purpose, as a result, we are forced to restrict the activities and services we’d like to offer moving forward. We now have an opportunity to establish a purpose-built masjid, an opportunity we may never come across again in our lifetime. We sincerely request you to contribute whatever you can and join us in the journey to rebuild Cheadle Masjid.

Ustadh Abid Khan
Director of Education and Deputy Imam

Shaykh Abdi Ghaffar


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